The Basics – What do Women Want?
6 Tips to Understanding

Understanding what do women want was something I obsessed over for years. I just wanted to get the girl but I had no idea why she didn´t like me.

Was I not attractive enough? Cool enough? Good enough?

Really getting to understand what do women want is liberating and it will lead you towards the kind of romantic life you want, whether it is getting married, getting a girlfriend… or getting many girlfriends, whatever floats your boat.

Understanding what do really women want will just allow you to become a man that is desirable and just make a much better experience for all those new girls you´ll meet.

1. Women are Human

Shocking, isn´t it? Well, yes, it is true. Women are just like you and me and any other guy, but with slight changes. Women like the same things everyone generally wants:

  • A good time.
  • Fun.
  • Excitement.
  • Resting.
  • Partying.
  • Hanging out.
  • Going on dates.

I´m just being a bit sarcastic on this one because some guys (including myself at some point) have so little experience with women that women seem like complete aliens to them.

Anyway, getting to the point, just like anyone else, on a human level we are all mostly drawn towards the same ideas, emotions and concepts. And this is key to really understand what do women want.

We like it when people are nice to us, we don´t like feeling awkward, we enjoy looking at good-looking people, we dislike liars, we hate to know that someone is cheating in a relationship. Such common sense and global good and bad things apply to all of us as humans.

But then, ideas that are shocking to us appear, for example:

If we all like it when people are nice to us, why do women seem to go for the not-so-nice-guy?

2. Women are emotional:

It is common gender behavior that women are more in touch with their emotions, even though we all are emotional beings; women generally are way more in touch with their emotions.

This is where this subtle difference escalates to make up all these gender differences that are apparently impossible to understand. There are countless examples of girls that are with “the perfect guy”: He´s nice, funny, maybe he has money, he´s good looking, etc.

But, sometimes it just doesn’t work because the girl says “she’s just not feeling it”, this happens because from the outside we are all focusing on the LOGICAL reasons rather than the EMOTIONAL reasons.

To understand women, you need to know that they are attracted to men on an emotional level, and not on a logical level. The things girls are attracted to are not logical or visual, they are mainly emotional. There is no way to argue against it, it´s the way we evolved as humans; women through evolution are programmed to be attracted to the leader of the pack, the so called ‘alpha male’.

This is the first step to understand what do women want.

3. Women are attracted to personality, not looks or money:

For men; looks will define if a woman has good genes or not, looks alone will tell you if your swimmers will be in a good environment to find an egg and go on to the next generation; a good looking woman will almost immediately get our interest.

But for Women; they'll mainly want their kids to have a good father. They want an alpha male whose kids will never be messed up with.

An alpha male that will provide the best food for her children and teach them to be alpha males themselves; it would guarantee that her genes (her children) will become dominant alpha males in society as well and continue the cycle.

We just evolved this way because it ensures the survival of our species, or at least it did at some point. Regardless if we still work in such manner or not these ideas are programmed in our brains. And we cannot escape our evolutionary nature as it still defines us.

Answering what do women want is understanding that they WILL respond to our personality traits by nature, it’s not a conscious decision.

4. Women want their emotional needs to be fulfilled:

Paraphrasing David Deida in ‘the way of the superior man’, male energy is like a rock; strong and unmoving, a woman’s energy is like the ocean; always changing and flowing.

What this means is that for women to react to you in a strong emotional manner, you need to embody this dynamic. That is to create this strong polarity which will fulfill her emotional needs; she wants to feel your masculine energy.

For your male energy to complement hers, she needs to feel your rock solid nature, this means you are decisive, secure, confident, you don’t easily react to unnecessary behavior.

A bit too esoteric for you? Let’s get some real-life examples of it.


You ask her where she wants to eat, she says she doesn’t know, you decide and you go over to your favorite restaurant.

She gets mad because she doesn’t like the restaurant.

Aside of any legitimate reasons as to why she’s mad in this case; she might just get emotionally involved in the whole discussion.

Even though you might address the situation based on how legitimate her reasons are or you just don’t at all; the fact that internally you didn’t get too emotionally involved is the grounded masculinity that attracts the feminine, the fact that you are in control.

What do women want? A guy who is clear of his decisions and sticks with them, and that doesn’t overly react to any emotional tantrum. Someone who can keep his cool.

5. Women want a man that is in control:

Being in control means being in control of YOUR life; not hers, by being a person with an awesome life, that knows how to create his own fun, someone who doesn´t look at other’s reactions to decide how to feel about their actions.

They want to be a co-star in your movie, not to become the main character, many guys commit the mistake of making girls the star of their movie and the result is that a girl might either feel too much emotional pressure or get bored.

She might feel like you’re just a load to carry instead of feeling part of an exciting new story that’s being written.

What do women want? Someone who is already having an awesome life that she can come into.

6. Women are not perfect:

Are you a nerd? I am. There are nerd girls too; there are surfer girls, bimbos, ghetto girls, as many kind of people there is in the world.

There are GENERAL guidelines to this, most girls will react to all those POSITIVE characteristics that self-developing men we should strive to get, but in the end you don’t have to be perfect as they’re not either.

There are also girls with problems, there are girls who will only go for guys who treat them badly, whatever problem they have, it’s theirs and of their psychologist. You should never try to get a girl that loves being emotionally abused by being emotional abusive or anything like that.

The point I´m trying to make here is that I just showed you the generalities of what women really want and that they apply but each case is specific.

So, What do Women want?

  • They want the same things any human wants: happiness, fun, joy, etc.
  • Gender polarity makes men and women different: Apart from the general things all of us want as humans, we have evolved so that women react to different things than men. Be the rock while you let her be the ocean.
  • Women want a guy in control: Be in control of you, nourish your own life and ways in which you have fun. Be the party and let her be a guest, not the other way around.

Learning what do women want really is the biggest chunk of mastering your success with women, you must understand them first to stop making the mistakes most guys make and don’t get why.

What do women want? They want you to. Go out and get social.

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