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Let's talk about some storytelling ideas, storytelling is one of the most captivating skills someone can have, having good storytelling skills, ideas, situations and generally just knowing the way to tell a story is completely captivating.

The best socially-skilled people have mastered this skill, probably unconsciously, but this doesn’t mean you can’t learn it too.

1. It's Not about the Content, it's about the Way it's Told

The most important part of learning storytelling is knowing that most times it’s not about the content of the story, but about the WAY you tell your story.

Imagine a good storyteller telling a story about how he went for dinner with his mom.

It will probably sound a lot more interesting than someone who’s not very socially skilled telling a story about how he escaped the Amazon jungle while being chased by flesh eating cannibals dressed like mimes.

I might have gone overboard there but you get the idea. Funny enough, just by picturing it you know that the mom story would probably be a lot more fun to hear.

So, getting that first point down, we’ve got the first of the storytelling ideas.

“It’s all about the way you tell your story.”

Of course, mastery in any endeavor requires a huge amount of practice; you must go out and practice this stuff in the real world. Reading about it will only get you so far.

There’s a certain structure to a good story (other than the content) it comes with the way the content is presented.

2. Build Tension:

Basically all of the things that are pleasurable to human beings come from tension and release. Think about it, being extremely hungry and eating your favorite dish, being extremely thirsty and getting your favorite drink, sex, laughter, sneezing, etc.

The way a good storyteller tells his stories frames the stories in a way where there’s either:

  • A huge amount of tension built to then be release.
  • Small amounts of tension that are quickly released.

Usually the last kinds of stories are the ones where everyone’s constantly laughing.

Building tension is about recognizing what the “punch line” of your story is and saving it for the very end. Again, it’s a question of being acute. If you are doing this on purpose it will come across as weird.

Don’t present the punch line and be like “TA DAA” and pretend everyone will explode in laughter or think it’s a great story. It will depend a lot on how you can make a natural transition between a high tension situation and the release, the better you get at this, and the better you’ll get at storytelling.

Second of the storytelling ideas is:

3. Play with their Imagination:

The better you are at stimulating people’s imaginations while telling your story the more involved they’ll be and the tension you can build.

There’s a delicate balance on this one, it’s about telling just the right amount of information to paint a nice picture in their mind but also about not over-doing it. Again, this skill comes with practice, lots of trial and error.

Drop in a few details, mostly sensatory details, touch, smell, visuals and just leave enough room for their minds to fill in the empty spaces. This causes involvement in your “audience”. Use a lot of statements, especially strong ones, such as: "I hate", "I love."

Last but not least of the storytelling ideas is:

4. Voice tone and body language - Storytelling Ideas:

Like I’ve said countless times on this website, your voice tone and body language will tell everyone where you’re coming from, if you’re feeling confident, uncomfortable or insecure.

Your body language will tell people how much you are trusting yourself in the moment and how important you think what you’re saying is.

If you don’t think your story is good enough it will show, and if you don’t think it’s good then there’s no reason why others should pay attention to it.

Be loud when telling your story, also be expressive. Variation of your tonality while telling your story will help make it exciting and not just plain boring monotonous.

Finally, storytelling is a skill and like any other skill you got to practice or you won’t get anywhere, here I gave you a few storytelling ideas to get you started. Master this social skill and you’ll be the master of any social group. Go out and get social!

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