Take a Social Anxiety Disorder Test – Take the First Step to Recovery

A social anxiety disorder test is the quickest way to find out whether you might have social anxiety or not. There are different methods to determine if you could suffer from this disorder, and there are experts that can give you a more accurate and professional diagnose.

However certain behaviors are common among all social anxiety sufferers, and based on these behaviors you can get to figure out if you might be onto a personal discovery here.

Discarding if you have social anxiety or not might be the first step towards the socially awesome life that you deserve, regardless of the result; the more you know about yourself and where you’re starting from, the better!

This is where a social anxiety disorder test comes to help you out.

Try out this quick social anxiety disorder test that covers the most common situations that trigger social anxiety in most socially anxious guys out there.

The Liebowitz Social Anxiety Disorder Test:

In 1987, Michael Liebowitz a Psychiatrist and investigator from Columbia University and the Psychiatric Institute of the State of New York developed a questionnaire called the ‘Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale’ (LSAS).

The purpose of this questionnaire is evaluating the range of social interactions and events that a socially anxious patient might suffer from. It became one of the most commonly used and accepted social anxiety disorder tests.

It has 24 items divided in two sub-scales, 13 are related with performance anxiety and 11 revolve around specific social situations.

Try out the Liebowitz social anxiety disorder test here:

  Situation   Fear   Avoidance
  1. Talking on the phone in public
  2. Participating in a small group activity
  3. Eating in public
  4. Drinking with others
  5. Talking to someone in authority
  6. Acting, performing, or speaking in front of an audience
  7. Going to a party
  8. Working while being observed
  9. Writing while being observed
  10. Calling someone you don't know very well
  11. Talking face to face with someone you don't know very well
  12. Meeting strangers
  13. Urinating in a public bathroom
  14. Entering a room when others are already seated
  15. Being the center of attention
  16. Speaking up at a meeting
  17. Taking a test of your ability, skill, or knowledge
  18. Expressing disagreement or disapproval to someone you don't know very well
  19. Looking someone who you don't know very well straight in the eyes
  20. Giving a prepared oral talk to a group
  21. Trying to make someone's acquaintance for the purpose of a romantic/sexual relationship
  22. Returning goods to a store for a refund
  23. Giving a party
  24. Resisting a high pressure sales person
Your score:     

Social anxiety should be diagnosed by a specialist, if you suspect that you could suffer from social anxiety disorder you should get professional help to help judge any difficulties with an expert’s opinion.

Social anxiety is a serious issue; you shouldn’t just assume that you have it without an expert’s opinion. Regardless of your starting point, whether you have developed this disorder, you are just too shy, or have bad social skills; you can ALWAYS get on track with your social life and take out of it the things you deserve:

  • Friends.
  • Social Gatherings.
  • A girlfriend.
  • People wanting to be around you.

It doesn’t matter if you have social anxiety disorder or not, you can get out of it putting in the necessary amount of effort and making sure you progress in the right direction.

Take your first step in defeating social anxiety.

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