6 Romantic Date Ideas – Become the Cool and Dreamy on your dates with her

Coming up with new and interesting romantic date ideas can seem hard at times; when you want this perfect combination of coolness, charm, showing the best version of you, etc. to happen it can get a little exhausting to achieve, aiming for perfection on your dates can oftentimes be counter-productive.

But fear no more, I’ll help you get some clarity and perspective so you can hit bulls-eye on this one with these 6 awesome romantic date ideas and a few tips!

Romance is not a thing, it’s a vibe:

First thing you should realize before you try any romantic date ideas is that romance is not about the table cloths, candles, French waiters, or fat eastern European violinists playing her favorite song. Romance is all about the general vibe you set in your interaction with her, the way you treat her, in a nutshell the FRAME that is set.

You can take her for hotdogs and beers and she’ll think it’s romantic if this is the way that everything has been set up; if the way you see each other comes from a romantic perspective (a FRAME).

And since you can’t rely on others to make things that way, you’ve got to make things turn in that direction when you want it to happen, so you can just learn how to be romantic.

Anyway! On to the spices on the main dish, the practical part of dating, and the romantic date ideas.

Romance starts when you pay attention to the details:

Ever been a bit nervous for your date? Put on your best shirt and try to smell you best, correctly fix your hair and maybe shave or trim your beard; all this just to be your best on that date.

But! Has is ever crossed your mind that women do this too? It’s so obvious that we oftentimes just don’t even stop to think about it. Sometimes girls will just like you, the exact same way you like them, actually MOST times they do, and sometimes they even like you more than you like them.

And this means that they’re usually trying to impress you as well. If you pay close attention you’ll notice how they perfectly fixed their hair, got a manicure, are wearing their best perfume, used their most expensive lipstick, made their eyes look specially beautiful, and ALL of this just for YOU.

The least you could do is comment on the ones you liked the most, ‘hey I like your hair!’. These kinds of things we just forget to do because we are all just too stuck in our own heads to even worry about making others feel better.

Details go beyond noticing the way she’s dressed; they also include the little things you do. If she’s really into you you’ll be amazed about how much she’ll pay attention to any cool thing you do or how you acted, it includes things like:

  • Being a cool guy to the waiter.
  • Leading her into the venue.
  • Not being obsessed over your phone.
  • Being fully present to the moment.
  • Being the man in charge.
  • Etc.

Make it Special, not generic:

Learning to be romantic is about making things special in YOUR own way and letting your date notice it. Try to build up your personal stack of romantic date ideas that are fun to YOU so that you can be an expert at going to that small place by your house and make it a really cool experience for anyone who comes along the way. Build a stack that is FUN for you so that you can freaking own this date when you’re in it.

6 Romantic Date Ideas:

Share laughter: Go to a comedy club, sharing good emotions such as laughter is an excellent way to bond. She'll associate those good emotions with being around you.

Take a dancing Class: Physical contact, good emotions, connection. An excellent way to get the physicality going.

Dine under the stars: Find a good spot, a rooftop, an open field or any place where you can sit comfortably, share some good food and talk under the stars.

Make music: Maybe play a few guitar songs that mean something, maybe play and sing together, music will connect you in awesome ways.

Air Balloon: Do I really have to say anything else? Just make sure she's not afraid of heights.

Cook her Dinner: There's something about a man that know his way around the kitchen that women love.

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic who just wants to improve his romantic skills, or someone who just wanted a few romantic date ideas, it’s fundamental that you understand how to apply romance.

If you’re still working on becoming more outgoing and confident, you can take these ideas as a basics to know your way around your date, build that stack of romantic date ideas so you already know exactly where and how to go on dates. Go out and get social!

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