Confidence and Mental Health Articles

This is the confidence and mental health articles index, in this index you will find a structure and order to follow with social success mastery’s articles on confidence.

Building confidence is a broad topic, there are a lot of articles on it over here and this is the step by step guide on building confidence.

Introduction to building confidence:

Confidence is all about self-trust, and self-trust is your ultimate goal with social success. The more self-trust you have the better you’ll do at all other areas in life.

Opportunities, social skills, women, mental health and leadership all come from self-trust, if you manage to gain enough self-trust you’re on your way to social success.

Introduction to how to build self confidence

Starting from rock bottom? This is how I started, what to do when you have no self confidence.

Here’s the step by step guide on how gaining self confidence works

What if I’m shy:

Learn the difference between being shy and being introverted.

Learn to overcome shyness.

Learn about social anxiety disorder.

On your way to becoming more confident:

We usually think that being confident is about becoming someone completely different, reality is that believing in yourself is about taking what you like and making it cool by making others think that it is with 100% belief. It’s quite mind-blowing, read more about it here.

Having a congruent personality

The 3 Pillars of Confidence:

Following this sequence of confidence and mental health articles hopefully gives you a more clear view on how you can gain confidence, how the whole process works and how you can apply it to your current life situation.

If you’re suffering from social anxiety you can check the: Social anxiety disorder articles index

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