5 tips to communicate and act like an Alpha Male - Good Male Body Language

One of the most basic tools for attracting girls is using the RIGHT male body language. Good body language will sweep a girl off her feet and cause uncontrollable attraction in her.

Imagine this scene:

Beautiful girl goes through her daily errands, school and maybe work.

She purposely got a good night sleep the night before just so she could have enough energy for that next day. She’s done with work, but instead of heading home she heads to the salon, gets her hair fixed, nails done maybe even some skin treatment. This girl wants to look good today.

She gets home and calls her girl-friends, they gather up for makeup and girl talk. It’s girls’ night out.

She’s spent so much money on herself, all for this fun-filled night at the club.

What they find there is rather disappointing, a bunch of sleazy guys offering them drinks, seeking approval.

But there’s this one guy, he hasn’t noticed her but he’s standing there, every move he makes seems smooth and confident: he doesn’t care about her approval, he’s there to meet people and have fun. She doesn’t know this guy yet, she hasn’t even talked with him, but he’s caught her attention and it’s even reflected in the way this guy blinks... this guy is YOU.

Mastering male body language wins you 50% of the game. It’s a skill you can integrate to your life and it’ll help you become much more confident.

You can even get to the point where you can basically ASSUME that a girl is attracted to you based solely on the body language you’re showing her.

Once you approach this girl, you can assume the game is won and the rest depends on not dropping the ball; it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. That’s how awesome good male body language can be.

Anyway, let’s get to the point guys: How do you use the correct male body language?

Good body language basically embodies the characteristics of a dominant alpha male, this doesn’t mean you have to become some muscular prick that bullies people.

But rather act like a guy who is sure of himself; when you’re confident and dominant your movements are slower, you take your time to react to something or someone. There are subtle things that won’t even be obvious at first sight.

1. Body position relative to her:

Notice the following when you’re out at a restaurant or bar, look for a couple and notice the guy’s body language.

Sitting at a table, some guys just show their intentions too much leaning forwards towards the girl, positioning their legs pointing at her and basically showing just too much interest.

An alpha male is never just too interested like that, a natural balance between the body language the girl is showing is established, usually the girl will be the one pointing her body towards him and leaning forward.

Practice leaning back a bit more, just chilling in your chair and while still showing her interest, just not making the interested way too obvious.

2. Eye contact:

Eye contact is a sign of being in control and being present to the moment, doubt shows through your eye contact, and doubt is not good for business and especially something that doesn’t go through an alpha male’s mind.

Good and consistent eye contact will communicate with a woman’s brain in a special way and make her feel like she is taking with someone who is in control, the result is the emotion of attraction.

A nice trick to practice this is to make eye contact with an attractive girl and not break it until she breaks it first, just try not to be creepy about it. Next time you happen to catch a girl making eye contact with you, hold it until she breaks it first and poof! You’re set up for a very positive first impression.

3. Hold a good-but-relaxed stance:

An alpha male doesn’t hold a hunched stance, neither keeps his shoulders curved forward. An alpha male shows that he is in control of himself by standing properly.

Keep a good posture (head up, straight back) but even more important than posture is to be relaxed, so find that balance until good posture becomes your standard relaxed posture.

The perfect confident posture comes from the balance of holding yourself with pride while still being relaxed about it.

A good way to practice it is to imagine that an invisible hand holds you from the top of your head, imagine how would the rest of your body would naturally align to keep you with that perfect posture while still keeping you relaxed and not stifled.

4. Take Space:

You’ll notice the really buff guys have this “aura” of space around them: this is because people actually give them space, duh!

Unconsciously, a girl’s mind interprets this as dominant, therefore attractive.

You don’t have to be bulk to demand space around you, your attitude will. Sitting in the back of a car, demand your space, in an elevator – demand your space. Generally, just take enough space around like you deserve it, and it’ll do the trick.

5. Male body language rules are meant to be broken:

Working on integrating the correct male body language into your daily life can make you little self-conscious at times, and being self-conscious is exactly the opposite of your goal.

Sometimes it’s ok to point your body towards the girl, lean forward on the table, to give someone a bit of your space, to break eye contact, etc.

These rules are general guidelines and they’re not meant to be obsessed over with.

To practice them, you have to apply them but then again keep that fine balance between practicing them and not obsessing with them.

This is it guys:

  • Good eye contact: Holding it confidently, not looking away nervously.
  • Good posture: Head up, straight back.
  • Good stance: Keep you weight balanced in both legs.
  • Confident movements: Slower and more assertive moves.
  • Expressiveness: Don’t let the rules stifle you, sometimes it’s better to have bad body language but remain unstifled.

As you go out more and get more real life experience, everything will start falling into its place naturally. Good male body language is a consequence of your positive assumptions about yourself, but you can also flip the cause-effect in it and feel more confident just from merely holding good body language. Go out and get social!

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