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Leadership exercises are necessary for developing personal leadership for every aspect of your regular life; your relationships, at work or for becoming the leader of your friends. Becoming a leader will bring your personal life all kinds of social advantages and social value.

Have you ever met that guy who is naturally cool, who people want to be around of and basically leads the party wherever he goes? That’s the kind of guy who gets social success, so, here go 4 leadership exercises to practice and apply that leadership that will get you to where you want to be socially speaking.

1. Work on your Decision-Making:

Leaders are decisive; and being indecisive actually just makes you less of a leader. People can’t follow someone who doesn’t know what he wants, or someone who’s not convinced about his own decisions and ideas.

Decision making can be practiced whenever you need to make any kind decision, whether it’s a big or small decision, your decision-making ‘muscles’ get that bit of work if you put them to use.

Get used to making decisions all the time, make it a habit.

To practice this skill you must consciously train you own brain to naturally react this way.

Leadership Exercises - What you can do:

  • Eliminate ‘I don’t know/I don’t care’ from your vocabulary. Never again let others decide for you, especially if they’re asking for your opinion.
  • Train yourself to quickly figure out what you want. Ever found yourself in a situation where you don’t really know if you want Coke or Pepsi? Or you just don’t really care. Make those decisions quickly, again, habit.

2. Work on Leading Yourself First:

Leading others comes in first place from the mindset of ‘I’m going THIS way and I make good decisions’, it comes FIRST from being on your path and fully trusting it. That’s when others will want to voluntarily follow you.

Don’t try to force others to go your way, rather, go your own way and show them the path. If you stop trying to force it, they’ll voluntarily want to follow you.

Leadership Exercises - What you can do:

  • Stop waiting for others to decide first. Decide your own path and way of doing things and do them without waiting for reactions from others.
  • Take the initiative of making plans with your friends. A simple ‘Hey guys let’s go play paintball’ is enough. Always take the initiative, a little planning of where to go, what time and who’s invited isn’t that bad either. Planning and taking the initiative is leadership.
  • Lead at work. Lead by example not by bossing around, again, take the initiative and do not expect anything from others.
  • Lead your dates. Out with your date? Lead, for God’s sake, lead. Don’t let her make the decisions, let her enjoy YOUR decisions, let her relax and just come along with you.

3. Work on Your Sense of Entitlement:

How convinced you seem of what you’re doing plays a HUGE role in leadership. Being unsure, obviously, does the opposite.

Leadership Exercises - What you can do:

  • Realize that you are entitled. Stop for a moment and think about how the whole social scheme works and how confidence is all about trusting yourself. Apply this mentality to your actions, realize that your initiatives, actions and proposals are important simply because you’re as entitled as anyone else is.

4. Work on Getting used to Pressure – Leadership Exercises:

Being a leader is tiring, because making decisions and having people rely on those decisions is tiring. People love giving their willpower to a leader and just follow someone because it takes the pressure off them.

People love having the friend who makes plans for the night and they can just call him and he’ll tell them what to do. Because he already took the initiative and made plans.

This naturally and in the long run becomes magnetic for others, people want to be around a grounding energy that knows where it’s going. Just the kind of thing that will make you very socially successful.

Leadership Exercises - What you can do:

  • Get used to the emotions. Get used to the pressure, the slight anxiety and become the one who makes that sacrifice just for the sake of becoming that leader. Benefits come at a cost, the cost in this case is actually a discomfort that will make you grow and a better person.

Practicing your leadership through leadership exercises is a great way to get all these skills in line. Being a social leader is something that affects all areas of your life and will make you socially successful. Go out and get social.

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