6 Ideas for a Fun Date -
Ideas you can use anytime to Reflect ALL the Right things about you

Having the creativity to come up with ideas for a fun date is not as important as getting those ideas serve a bigger purpose. So you finally scored that date with that Jenny from accounting, you really want it to go well and you want her to get a good impression of who you are.

You already know all the things women are attracted to, so why not combine your dates with activities that actually help you enforce those positive characteristics you are now enhancing in your personality, fun, confidence, positivity, etc.

Hey, let’s just do that!

Ideas for a Fun Date – What is truly important:

Let’s Say you go on a date with some girl who you’re not attracted to at all, maybe you lost a bet or she just doesn’t rock your world.

If you went on any kind of typical date; let’s say movies and maybe dinner afterwards. You might think the date was just lame because you just don’t like the girl.

Now, if you went on the exact same date with Meghan Fox, then that exact same date would probably seem amazing to you.

As superficial and unrealistic as that example is, you get the idea, if the girl likes you then you can take her on the most boring date ever and she will consider it to be a pretty good date.

The quality of your date will mainly depend on how much this girl is into you in the first place and how much she already likes you.

So, don’t freak out about going on extremely elaborate dates, neither freak out about whatever level of attraction is going on. Assume attraction and have fun, it’s all about the experiences she’ll live with you that day. But of course, having the ideas for a fun date always helps.

1. Get to know your city – Take her to your favorite bar:

It doesn’t have to be a bar, it could be a restaurant or your favorite coffee shop. Having a unique favorite place will usually make you different from other guys.

Find a unique place you can always go to.

While most guys would just take her to the most impressive restaurant they can, just to get the restaurant to make the impression for them, you take her to this small place, your favorite place, where the bartender knows you and it’s just an environment you feel comfortable in.

Why it works:

  • Social proof: People already know you in the venue.
  • New experience: You take her to what is probably a new place to her, it stands out.
  • Comfort for you: Since you always go there, you feel extra comfortable in this environment.

This is one of those good ideas for a fun date, find YOUR place, and basically get to know those little cool places in town, ask your friends, keep it off the mainstream.

2. Get physical – Go play Ice Hockey:

Alright, it doesn’t have to be ice hockey, any physical activity that preferably involves contact is good. This DOES NOT mean ‘be a creep’, physicality is good, you want it, she wants it, no shame on it, you don’t really need an excuse to have physical contact with her, but, playing any sport that involves it surely means easily building that comfort.

Why it works:

  • Exercise feels good: Physical activities will make you both release endorphins, endorphins are good emotions that will immediately be linked to… having spent time with you.
  • Contact becomes comfort: Physical contact between you builds comfort for more physical contact later.

This is one of those ideas for a fun date that takes a little bit more time to plan, but it’s a pretty good one.

3. Be the Center of attention – Host a house party:

You don’t really have to host a party, just get your best friend to do so at his place. That’s what I always do, taking her somewhere where you’re fully comfortable and openly social places you as a guy with value in her radar. Even though you don’t really need this kind of situation to be a crutch, it’s a good bonus that will get you a long way.

Why it works:

Comfort: You feel comfortable in this environment, at ease and this helps you act confident and loosen up.

Social Value: You already have social value in this environment, you are in your territory.

Wingmen: Your friends can help bring comfort into the interaction, a good place for your wingmen.

Combining ideas for a fun date is always good, I usually like house parties to be afterparties.

4. Invite her into your regular life – Go Grocery Shopping:

You can casually ask her to come with you to run an errand, you get your day sorted out while you’re on a date, kind of a 2 in one. I’ve seen it work countless times, I have a friend who’s an expert doing it, it’s even better when the girl likes you a lot and you’re just asking her to come along with you to do things you’d be doing even if she wasn’t there.

Of course; you should try to keep it all on the fun side of the spectrum, don’t just take her somewhere boring.

Why it works:

  • Leading: You are completely leading the course of this interaction.
  • It’s light: Even though she agreed to follow you around, there’s not much investment done here, she’s just a friend coming along with you.

5. Show her what you think is fun – Go to a Local Magic show:

Everyone’s fun is different, you might like laser tag, paintball, clubbing, going to a strip club, karaoke bar, whatever. If you do it congruently enough, genuinely have fun in that venue, and include her in your fun, she will have fun. She wants to get to know you, that’s why she’s in a date with you. Show her a piece of your life and share your own fun.

Why it works:

  • Leading: You are leading the interaction as you’re both going to a place you already know.
  • Sharing what you think is fun: You are genuinely having fun and sharing it, this is pure value offering; and that is pure gold.

Just don’t try anything too off the wall, no matter how much you love Magic the Gathering; it’s probably not one of the best ideas for a fun date to invite her to a tournament.

6. Bring her home – Invite her over:

More than a standalone idea, it’s also a good idea of what to do after a date. It works as both, but the common point is that you should always have an excuse to go back to your place. It could go from ‘hey, you should checkout my stamps collection’ to ‘let’s go home and watch a movie’. No girl wants to feel like it’s her fault that she’s alone with you and anything could happen, give her an excuse to avoid her from feeling guilty.

Get something cool to your place that you can both enjoy, it could a pinball machine, an awesome TV, books, liquor, your PlayStation, whatever.

Just, PLEASE, don’t be a creep about it.

Why it works:

  • Isolation: she might want you to kiss her just as much as you want to do it, it’s how humans works. However, since society judges us and especially girls, she might not want anything to happen in public nor she wants it to be her fault that you’re alone with her.
  • You’re in your territory: you feel comfortable and she knows you’re the king in this place.

However, some girls won’t just go for a direct invitation to come over, but some will.

The best ideas for a fun date are always spontaneous, but being smart about has never hurt anyone. Try going to different venues on the same date, psychologically speaking; if you go to… let’s say three places with the same person within a period of 2 hours, it feels like you’ve spent more time with them than if you spent the same 2 hours in the same venue.

I think you get the idea, keep it light and fun and play it smart, every date, whether good or bad add social experience to your life. Go out and get social.

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