How to be Funny -
6 Tips on Learning How to develop and Express your Real sense of humor

Learning how to be funny is definitely a very powerful social tool, however, it’s not always easy to be funny, and it’s actually sometimes scary to crack a joke in a situation where you’re not feeling comfortable.

We can all agree that whoever it is that makes you laugh almost instantly has your approval, you want to be around this person and you’ll always be happy when this person arrives to hangout.

That said, leaves us to wonder, how amazing would it be to completely master this skill, both to make social connections and to improve our dating life. Girls love a guy that can make them laugh, no doubt.

1. Learn How to Be Funny - Find Your Humor:

Alright, let’s set this clear, this is not an article to teach you how to be Jim Carey, any other comedy actor or a comedian. This article will help you find the tools so you can be funny in YOUR OWN way.

Humor as a social tool is NOT about becoming a comedian, so, you better now be thinking about what YOU find funny.

Learning how to be funny, and displaying your humor in a confident way is about taking the things you find funny and expressing them. If you’re TRYING to be funny, it’ll usually come across as either something lame or maybe slightly funny but needy.

Think about what type of humor you like, what do you find funny? Is it silly humor? Dark humor? Dry humor?

Then whenever you find something that relates to the type of humor you like in any social situation, make a remark about it so that you can make YOURSELF laugh.

It’s called Self-Amusement.

This is how you become a fun guy and then as you start enjoying your own fun, other people will react to it and find it funny as well.

Set your own fun, be Self-Amused:

I have the most ridiculously stupid conversations with my friend and people around us will find it hilarious.

For example, we were working at an electric lab the other day and one of the machines there had a button that said “AC/DC”. Our immediate comment about it was “Do you think they named this button after the band?”, and we actually had a long, serious-yet-ridiculous conversation about this.

By itself it’s pretty stupid, but the important element of humor here is that we were being self-amusing because it is what we found funny. We were by no means TRYING to be funny, we were just entertaining ourselves.

2. Be silly, don’t take Yourself Too Seriously:

Being uptight is the easiest way to become incredibly boring.

Learn to take jokes from others and not take them personally, and learn to make fun of yourself. One of the most important elements of humor is being able to relate to the joke, funny story or funny remark. By putting yourself in the line of fire you’re enabling others to relate to YOU. It becomes a win-win situation.

3. Be Random:

Elements of Humor:

A) Content

B) Context

C) Structure:

  • c.1) Incongruity: Something out of place or inappropriate in a situation.
  • c.2) Surprise: Something unexpected.
  • c.3) Recognition: Being able to relate to the joke or story.

This is the element of surprise, the unexpected makes things funny. Call it a story with a completely unexpected ending, bringing up random conversation topics while keeping a straight face (my personal favorite), or any kind of unpredictability in general.

When a sentence doesn’t end the way you expect it to end you find it notebook.

Yeah, just like that.

Guess who loves unpredictability? Women, of course, unpredictable is the opposite of boring.

You can practice the skill to be random by thinking “what would be unexpected in this situation?” this will help your mind to gain the ability to think of unexpected things to do or say on the go. Just don’t over-do it.

4. Be able to Relate Things and Situations:

This is also a pretty funny skill that can be developed, if you can relate a situation to another, bring up a funny quote from a movie or inside-joke or simply bring up a conversation topic that people can relate to but never talk about.

For example: Starting a conversation about typical text messages that parents send out, almost always becomes a good source of laughter.

One of my funniest friends is an expert at relating normal day to day things with funny situations, and guess what? He’s hilarious!

5. Add Social Intelligence to the mix:

You don’t want to be that guy cracking jokes at a funeral or in any other extremely serious situation.

Other not-so-serious situations still require seriousness, learning to differentiate between the subtleties of every situation will make the difference between being a fun funny guy and a clown. Which takes us to the last point.

6. Don’t Be a Clown:

You want humor to be a tool, you want to incorporate humor to your personality. What you don’t want to be is someone who people only laugh at and never take seriously; this, sir, is a clown.

If you were hanging out with me, you’d find me to be somewhat witty, sarcastic and stating obvious, for the most part. But that’s just my style of humor - I don’t always use those specific types of humor and I don’t always try to be funny, neither am perfect at being funny.

Intelligent use of humor will make people have fun with you, with the expression of your personality and the way you bring your party to them.

If you become a try-hard then you’ll go to the clown’s end. People will still laugh, but they will be laughing at your expense, which will lead to people not taking your seriously and the loss of respect.

Final tips on Learning How to Be Funny:

  • Be self-amusing: Find your own type of humor and have fun to make yourself laugh first.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously: Let go and express yourself, don’t be uptight, learn to take a joke and learn to share your embarrassing stories.
  • Don’t be scared to be silly, it's part of learning how to be funny.

  • Help other people relate to you, by telling stories or funny situations they can relate to.
  • Don’t try too hard, don’t be a clown, you’re not expected to be a comedian.

Learn How to Be Funny from Observing:

Watch movies that you find funny, stand-up comedy, funny videos, whatever makes you laugh. You will slowly start getting with and ideas from the funny things you watch that you can use for your own advantage when the time comes.

And as always, go out and get social.

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