How to Attract Girls – 7 Tips to become the guy they dream about

Learning how to attract girls is a great starting point to learn how to become socially successful. The same things that attract girls are just the same things that will make people see you as a cool guy.

This is basically where I started, as a loner with no social skills, what I wanted the most was a girlfriend. I thought that getting a girlfriend would fix all my problems, and that this was the one thing that would be a turning point for my confidence and self-esteem.

I searched the net and found dozens of sites, with bad advice such as ‘be nice’, ‘be yourself’, ‘be on time to your dates’, etc. Which is actually not completely bad advice, but it’s just pretty far off from really learning how to attract girls.

Becoming a man that attracts girls is not something that happens overnight. However, these 7 tips are things that will either become those instant ‘quick fixes’ (that should later on become habits), or something that will just point you in the right direction towards becoming the man that women want.

1. Improving your Body Language:

The first answer I found on how to attract girls was body language. Body language alone will give you the first taste of noticeable attraction signs you’ll get from women. A good body language projects all those positive traits that are insanely attractive to her.

Women love confidence, and good body language is the body language that displays it, the best part of it is that you can ‘fake it till’ you make it’ with this one.

How to attract girls with your body language, good body language displays confidence and self-trust:

  • Stand straight.
  • Hold your head up.
  • Stop any fidgeting or nervous ticks.
  • Don’t hunch your back.
  • Try moving slower and more relaxed.

You can find a more in-depth analysis here.

Just like men mostly react to the way a woman looks, women mostly react to the way a man makes them feel, and all those traits are directly related to confidence.

For example:

As men, when we see a girl with nice hair we’ll react this way:

Reaction 1: "Geez, she eats healthy food and has good hygiene and genes, if I procreate with her my children will have better chances of surviving."

Reaction 2: "Wow that girl's hot!" (and probably not even know why we feel like she’s attractive).

Well, reaction 2 is more likely to happen and like I said before, you won't even know why.

Same kind of deal will happen with women just if you have a confident body language. It's like an instant switch. Just look at confident guys in movies, they are prefect examples of what GOOD body language looks like.

2. Making better Eye Contact:

Another thing that you might notice from these guys is that they have great eye contact.

Eye contact is fundamental when it comes to learning how to attract girls.

At first, working on your eye contact might be hard, especially if you’re not used to it, but it is pretty important that you learn to hold good eye contact with women.

Attraction happens on a ‘sub communication’ level, just like your body language says certain things about you, your eye contact also communicates that you are in control and fully self-confident.

Learn more about making eye contact

3. Voice tone and tonality:

A third one that is easy to control is your voice tone. It is an amazing tip on how to attract girls. If you have a deep voice don’t be afraid to use it; a deep voice is a sign of testosterone, and girls prefer deeper voices over higher pitched voices.

Any girl in the world will react with a "that's so sexy!" when a guy with a deep voice speaks. If you have a high-pitched voice, don’t worry, just because girls prefer those deep voices, it doesn't mean they dislike the higher pitched ones.

Keep it clean:

Avoid stuttering, a good confident tone that comes without any stuttering is so much more important than the actual resonance of your voice.


There’s another aspect to you voice, and this is your tonality. It’s not about what is being said, neither how it sounds, it’s about HOW it’s being said.

Trying for Rapport: An overly-nice tonality where you just seem too excited to be speaking to that person.

Neutral Rapport: Just a very neutral type of voice tonality.

Breaking Rapport: Sounds the way a boss would talk to his employee.

If you want to quickly generate attraction, your tonality should vary from neutral to breaking rapport, it doesn’t mean you have to be demeaning with women or treat them like they’re your employees. But there’s something they find sexy about a tonality that doesn’t seek her approval and is commanding.

4. Be comfortable and Playful:

Even though we oftentimes relate attraction with high arousal, it’s important to keep in mind that comfort should also be added in this mix.

If you take the shyest girl in the world and throw her in a room with Brad Pitt, she’ll probably just freeze in the same manner we sometimes might freeze around attractive women. She would probably be so frozen and intimidated that she’d rather just escape the discomfort than just giving herself a shot to score with Brad Pitt.

Setting a comfortable vibe comes into balance with your attractive attitude. You shouldn´t be just TOO comfortable, and you shouldn´t be TOO intimidating. Finding the fine balance between them is extremely attractive, it creates and exiting rush of emotions in her that basically becomes addictive to her.

A conversation between an attractive guy and an attracted girl is flirty, a little bit tense in the good side, fun, a little bit cocky, etc. Mastering this area comes with practice.

5. Be awesome:

This is actually what you do for YOU. If you hold yourself in high regard and lead an amazing life, there´s no reason why she wouldn´t be attracted to you. Actually, leading an awesome life basically puts you in the correct path to make all of these things happen naturally.

Work hard on yourself, your social skills, do exiting new things every day. Learning how to attract girls is in the end is all about living an amazing life.

6. Take care of your appearance:

This is pretty obvious and if you haven´t got this one down please stop reading and go take a shower!Sometimes the most obvious stuff gets ignored.

  • Get a cool wardrobe.
  • Clip your nails, brush your teeth, and pluck your body hair.
  • Get a nice cologne but don´t over-use it.

7. Be physical:

It all comes down to this, at some moment you HAVE to get physical with her. You have to touch her to kiss her, hug her, hold her hand and well… other stuff.

It is WEIRD if you haven´t touched her at all and they you go in for the kiss. Phyysical contact is exiting and arousing to her and it sets the frame that you are a man, she is a woman and this is not just some platonic conversation going on.

Get physical from the get go, be confident about it, it comes with practice.

  • Random high-five her.
  • Hug her playfully.
  • Pull her (in a playful way) from her hand or arm.

Being physical from the get go communicates that you are confident and in touch with you masculinity, and that my friend is extremely attractive.

Learning how to attract girls is a whole journey by itself, but those 7 tips will be pointers of what should start becoming more and more natural to you everyday, as long as you Go out and get social!

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