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As THE place to overcome shyness and social awkwardness, this article will become the complete explanation of how it all works and how to fix it.

I present to you the one and only complete guide to beating shyness!

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How to Overcome Shyness – What makes you Shy?

Were you really born shy?

The answer is: No.

Shyness is a product of how you were raised, past experiences, negative influences in younger years, bullying, etc.

Most circumstances that molded your personality today were completely arbitrary things that happened in the past. Basically your current personality is a mix between all those influences you had when growing up and the way you chose to interpret them back then.

Shyness is nothing but a developed fear towards being judged negatively by others. This lack of confidence in social situations make us act submissive so that others won’t try to mess with us.

It’s like broadcasting, “Hey I’m here but I’m harmless, I won’t try to bother anyone too much, I’ll just sit here quietly and not bother anyone. Please like me, I’ll be the nicest I can so that you’ll like me.”

You get the point, we’ve all been there.

Whatever reasons started your shyness is in the past, and you have the complete control to change them today.

Imagine your Perfect Social Life:

Just imagine this:

  • You have your hot girlfriend who you love.
  • A bunch of friends.
  • Lots of social opportunities.
  • You can easily connect with anyone you meet and people love you.

All of these things can happen because you decided to overcome your shyness and found the abundance of opportunities that being confident and more extroverted gives you.

You must first visualize your perfect social life, whatever it is. Be ambitious about it because how you picture yourself today is what you will become tomorrow.

How to Overcome Shyness - Make a Mind Shift:

If you want social success, you must first be willing to do whatever it takes to get it done. You must decide right now that you’re willing to work hard on building a social life where you’re no longer the shy awkward guy in the group.

You must decide that you’re going to put yourself in new social situations to work on your social skills and that you’re willing to go through that bit of anxiety and discomfort to fulfil your dream.

The point here is: Learning how to overcome shyness takes some work, it becomes a lifestyle change in the long run. If you’re naturally introverted you’ve got to be willing to change some bad social habits that won’t help your confidence into good social habits that feed your life and mentality with positive influences.

Bottom line: Some life changes must be made, sitting at home playing World of Warcraft won’t cut it anymore.

The 6 Pillars to Overcome Shyness:

1. Social Skills:

Confidence will give you good interactions with others, good interactions with others will give you confidence.

This is called the Competence vs Confidence loop, when you’re good at something you act confident about it, and this confidence you get from the good performance will allow you to perform better.

So what does this have to do with starting to get over your shyness?

Well, before we can magically produce any confidence in ourselves we must first become competent. This means that to get confident you must first work on building good social skills.

Learn how to Start a Conversation:

The skill to start a conversation is just a skill. You’ll usually want to find common interests to make the whole thing easy flowing, if you don’t find any common interests then it doesn’t matter, just do the talking.

Effectively learning to start a conversation is learning to talk through the initial discomfort and whist at it, becoming the bringer of comfort to the conversation.

Learn to Hold a Conversation:

Getting through the initial stages is a skill on its own, but keeping it going is a whole other skill, a much easier skill than starting the conversation though.

Master 1 on 1 Conversation: Learn what to say, how to say it and never face awkward silences again.

Develop Social Intelligence:

Social intelligence is developed through experience, social intelligence is the skill to have the intuition of the correct timing in social situations. When is the right time to crack that joke, when to push a social interaction forward and when to take a step back. You’ll develop a feel for it.

Develop Social Intelligence: Know what to say, when to say it and how to be the coolest in every situation.

Learn how to make things Comfortable:

Everyone feels awkward at different levels, the trick is to take action regardless of that awkwardness. Even people who seem really comfortable in their own skin feel awkward.

Making things comfortable is a skill, taking those awkward situations and making them pleasing to others by defusing the tension effectively will make people love to have you around.

Learn How to Lead People:

People love leaders, nothing’s more comfortable than just following plans that were made by someone else. Being used to being in charge of social situations takes a big role on learning how to overcome shyness.

And also, this a skill that’s especially important when it comes to getting women attracted to you.

What makes a Good Leader: learn the basics of leadership and become the man that leads other men.

Part 2 - How to Get Over Shyness

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