7 Tips on How to get a Girlfriend - Page 1 - The basics: finding the girl and developing a relationship

Do you want to learn how to get a girlfriend? At this point in my life this question seems irrelevant.


Well, The way my life is set up right now allows me to naturally attract girls into it, most of these girls want to date me, it might seem like an over-confident statement, but it is a reality, and everyone can achieve it.

Originally coming from a place where I would dream of girls even wanting to talk with me, it’s been quite a radical transformation. And it all started when I decided to learn how to get a girlfriend.

The process of becoming a more attractive man works the same for everyone, and yes, that includes you.

Depending on your current level of success; learning how to get a girlfriend might be a matter of just a little tweaking of your attitude here and there, or maybe a little more work, but in the end the same principles and advice apply to everyone.

Now, let's get to it, learning how to get a girlfriend is a lot easier than it seems.

‘To learn how to get a girlfriend, you must first learn how to attract them all’:

Let's say you have that one special girl in mind that you want to get, as we all at some point do. The best way to get her is by learning how to become generally attractive to all girls.

That simple concept is all you really need to understand and apply to get the girl of your dreams. If you know how to attract women in general; you won’t be having problems with being hung up on just one girl.

However, to become attractive to all girls, you need to learn the basics of becoming a man that women want to be around of – an attractive man.

1. Start by not being needy:

NO ONE likes "social leeches". Being needy is the antithesis of being an attractive man or even an attractive person, if you want to quickly kill attraction with just about any girl; just start being needy.

People want to be around people who take the initiative and bring the fun, the one that sets the conversation and leads it, people don't want to be around people who try to jump into their fun. Needy behavior is the exteriorization of a dull and scarce life, which is the opposite of the life you want to be having to make people be naturally drawn to you.

Basically; being needy is social repellent.

  • Have you been following your friends around at a party just because you felt awkward?
  • Excessive texting a girl without much responsiveness on her side?
  • Being just too excited to see a girl?

Those are a few signs that you are having a needy behavior. If you want to learn how to get a girlfriend then you've got to learn how to make people naturally be drwan to you. Being attractive is about giving fun, good emotions, social value, and being needy is about lurking into the fun, waiting for other to give the good emotions, taking social value.

Stop being needy:

There’s always a fix, here’s what you can do to get rid of the neediness on your life:

  • Become a source of good emotions: This is a lifelong learned art, but basically, if you can learn to have fun by yourself and then share it with others when the situation asks for it, you’ll have more people and especially women feeling drawn to be around you tan you can handle. Life completely changes when you focus on giving and not on receiving.
  • Gain more self-esteem and self-trust: Gaining more self-trust allows you to be someone who offers value naturally, there’s something about human nature that makes others feel ‘safe’ around confident friend, and guess what’s the #1 girl magnet? Being confident in who you are allows you to feel safe on your own as well and  therefore makes you only seek for your own approval. How to Build Self Confidence
  • Learn the dynamics of neediness vs. being too aloof: Sure, a little aloofness can help you attract some girls here and there. But as far as results go, you must learn to balance ‘being-too-not-needy’ vs. ‘being-too-needy’. Overcompensating is never the answer, balance can only be learned through experience.

  • Start taking the initiative: Gaining self trust is a long process, but definitely is your ultimate goal. However, if you start taking the initiative to bring the fun to the party, talking with people, being social or talking to a bunch of girls; you will learn to be someone that brings his own fun, practice will get you there.

2. The Virtuous Circle of Glory:

Once you stop being needy and start bringing the fun, you will notice how people will want to be around you and this of course includes girls.

Stopping the neediness is just an unconscious piece of the whole cake, to learn how to get a girlfriend and meet girls you must put yourself in the situations where you can naturally meet them, and learn to embody and eventually become those attractive qualities of a man.

It's all a game of: being needy, scarce, value taking vs. living in abundance, confidence and value giving.

Once you start working on it, you will notice how you’ll get some female attraction, use the female interests for mutual fun, start going out with these girls and getting experience. Women are unconsciously attracted to guys that are desired by other women, and having options fulfils this prophecy, this is the virtuous circle of glory.

Once you get a few girls interested you can get more and more and more girls interested, this alone will prevent you from being needy because you have that abundance of options.

It's the perfect storm.

Definitely entering a "virtuous circle" is something any guy that wants to get good with women should aim for, but don't panic if it doesn’t work that way, all you should be looking for is multiple options of women to pick from so you can pick the best.

So, how do I get a girlfriend?

3. Attractive Qualities to work on:

The more you go out and interact with people and especially girls, the better you will get at it.

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end” – Robin Sharma

This takes us to the pinnacle of what women are attracted to: your personality.

Yes, it’s not about money, not about looks, not about your fancy car or your preppy clothes, it’s about how you carry yourself. Girls will love you for your personality and not for any other superficial options.

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