How to become Popular - 4 Quick Tips to Becoming The Popular Guy

Learning how to become popular is closely related to learning how to make friends and be social. However, there are small tweaks to it.

Becoming popular is the aftermath of making friends -lots of them- and being social. But there are specific pointers towards the things that cause you to be popular.

With that in mind, let’s go through with it.

Popularity is the quality of being well-liked. Popularity figures are an important part of many people's personal value systems, and forms a vital component of success in people-oriented fields such as management, politics, and the entertainment industry among others.

Obviously we’re not talking about being an international celebrity here, but in some small way it means becoming some sort of local celebrity.

Learning how to become popular is about getting the social qualities that will make you popular, hopefully good things. Earning popularity is not so much about being famous as it is about being someone who people feel good around of.

Be the bringer of good emotions to people:

Want people to call you to hangout, call you to go to parties and be happy to see you when you arrive?

Then bring good emotions to your social interactions.

  • Be cool to talk to.
  • Be fun.
  • Be a leader, sometimes people want other people to take over so they can just relax.
  • Be a leader of fun ideas, propose jumping in a pool with your clothes on, spontaneous camping trip or showing up at a random party.
  • Be Nice and Open.
  • Be cool and talk to EVERYONE.

Bring in your uniqueness:

Unique people stand out.

Blending in won’t exactly make you popular. I’m not talking about being extravagant (if you think that’s cool go ahead with it though).

The way you should do it is dressing in a way you think is cool, saying words you think are cool, acting in ways you think are cool. Don't take it to the extreme, don’t go too far off the bat to the point where you’re just plain weird and extravagant.

This way you live up to YOUR standards, you’re "being yourself".

"Be yourself" means you put full confidence on your opinions, tastes, likes and dislikes. You feel entitled to set the standard because you feel confident. Still you put efforts in always improving yourself.

Bring your uniqueness with confidence.

Pointers on How to Become Popular:

1. Social networking:

This is key to learning how to become popular, you must be meeting new people all the time. Effective Social Networking is about seizing the opportunities to meet new people.

Always accept invitations from everyone.

Say your buddy wants to go to a party with his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s friends; that becomes the perfect opportunity to meet his girlfriend’s friends and new people at the party.

Doing social networking for new people at least once a week, becomes a great way to always keep the new social connections coming. You must seize these opportunities.

Learn more about social networking.

2. Go out:

Go to parties and social gatherings and don’t sit around. Focus on meeting people and leaving a good vibe within the groups you’ve talked to.

There’s no way you’ll be popular if you’re not out there doing the cool things, parties, camping trips, beach trips, cool sports meetings, sport events, etc.

3. Host your own social gathering:

This is a very good way to get known especially if you don’t know that many people. As a host you’ll be naturally setup to meeting everyone there and get known. Take advantage of the momentum to meet and connect with these people.

Just make sure it doesn’t go out of control and you get your laptop stolen.

4. Get a few popular friends:

A lot of popular guys are actually very cool people, befriend them, popular people know lots of other people.

Learning from already cool and popular people is a great way to improve your social skills, just by being around them you’ll get a sense of what makes them connect with people, be charismatic and how to become popular.

In a nutshell:

  1. Be a bringer of good emotions.
  2. Bring social value to the table (confidence, social connections).
  3. Go out, start meeting lots of new people and making new connections.
  4. Get involved in cool activities.

In the end popularity isn’t even all that important and sort of comes natural if you’re a cool guy, learning how to become popular is learning both networking and how to provide good emotions and fun. Go out and get social!

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