How to be Romantic – Tips to be cool, be confident, be charming and romance it up

Inside any guy there is a little part that wants to learn how to be romantic, we all want to somehow and for a bit become the guy with the stereo outside that girl’s window, or just be a part of any other classic cheesy movie scene and actually enjoy the experience.

I used to do crazy things for girls as I thought it would be the ultimate expression of my love for her, but I just couldn’t be more wrong. If you want to learn how to be romantic by reading a few movie scenes you can reenact in your backyard then this article is not for you, however, if you want to learn how to be romantic and maintain your cool and completely sweep her off he feet, then continue reading.

Romance is not about being needy:

Hollywood makes us think that romance is about stopping a car, a bus or a plane by jumping right in front of it just because you love this girl.

Sadly, many guys, including myself at some point fall for this idea and ruin everything and end up coming across as cheesy or overly dramatic.

Being romantic does not necessarily contradict the idea of being a cool guy, cool guys can be very romantic and it’ll do wonders for them.

So before thinking about that particular romantic scene you want to reenact, think first if what you are doing (being romantic) has the correct reasons behind it.

WRONG reasons to be romantic:

  • Because I just met her.
  • Because I want her to like me.
  • Because I want to impress her.
  • So she will fall for me even though she keeps ignoring me.
  • Because I’m in the friendzone and I want to escape it through some gigantic gesture.

Romance is win-win:

Romance is always a win-win situation, romance is about making her feel appreciated while you enjoy the process of cherishing this girl (in a positive way for both). Romance is uninterested and a pure expression of your ‘cool self’, showing her that you can have romantic gestures.

Win-win means you are not learning how to be romantic to GET something from her (approval, a reaction, good emotions for yourself, a result in general), and she does not GET anything either, as in, if she has not invested in at least being cool with you or she’s just plain indifferent; then you just don’t do it.

How to be romantic:

1. Be thoughtful:

Any standard date that everyone has already tried out is cool if she’s already into you, and it is completely ok, however, if you want to outstand, you can try a more elaborate plan. If she likes music then you can get tickets for a concert, if she likes sports you can go to a sports event.

Being thoughtful goes beyond going out for dinner, unless you already had a conversation about her not having tried Thai food and therefore getting some, being thoughtful is about having some underlying meaning behind it all.

2. Be detail oriented:

I used to leave surprises for my girlfriend a while back, but only so that she would eventually find them. (Too bad she found a couple of them after we broke up, though luck!)

Anything that will make her think:

  • He noticed!


  • He knew I would find this!

3. Make it personal:

Again, it goes hand in hand with being thoughtful; you’ve got to know what she likes and build ideas around it. Any particular conversation you had where she told you she likes sunsets or that she loves wine, that she hates beer and is bored by chick flicks.

Make it about expression:

For romance to be uninterested from you, it has to be a form of expression, of how you feel and just a gesture of appreciation and masculinity.

The idea behind it is that you are a cool guy who is doing this because she’s a cool girl and you just felt like showing her this romantic side of you and build up all the good emotions associated with it.

Make it fun:

Make it fun for both, remember it’s win-win, so; also get your ‘win’ from having fun with it.  You should have fun coming up with the big romantic gesture, or just giving her that flower at the beginning of your date and laughing it off. It’s all for your own enjoyment.

Make it Charming:

Charm is not overly serious, charm shows your intentions but it’s also kind of funny. This is what you should be aiming for, being charming shows that you have great social skills and they love it!

How to be romantic in dates:

If you just recently met this girl or it’s one of your first dates, then the ‘romance’ part of it shouldn’t go beyond normal flirting or in a joking/sarcastic tone role play about your future life together. Nothing else, well maybe a flower or whatever floats your boat, but again, keep it extremely light.

It becomes different if this girl is actually your girlfriend.

Romantic Date Ideas

Romantic ways to meet girls:

If you somewhat enjoy the whole ‘romantic pickup’ area, then it works the same way as it would in a first date, extremely light and fun, never getting too serious and especially being charming.

Girls love it when you make it obvious that you like them but you’re playful about it and you assume that they like you too, there’s a certain vibe behind it all that really hooks them.

In the end, learning how to be romantic is all about learning how to express your appreciation and building an intense connection between both while being completely cool and confident about it, do it for the right reasons and everything will work just fine! Go out and get social!

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