How to Be Positive – 6 Tips to Breeding Natural Positivity

Learning how to be positive is as easy as changing your influences and watching your thoughts closely. At first it can seem like tough work but if there’s anything that will completely change your life it’s this. Being positive affects everything you do and your whole outlook in life.

Imagine walking thought the street and just seeing a beautiful day, nice people and the eventual idiot who’s just trying to bring everyone down by being rude, you just look at this guy and his attitude and laugh it off. Continue walking and appreciate everything around you and more than everything, you appreciate your own life and self-confidence.

That whole mentality is possible, but first you must realize that having such an outlook on life comes merely from your own mind and realizing that you can change your mentality to learn how to be positive and build more confidence.

It’s all in your own head and you can change it.

1. How to be Positive – First Get rid of Negative Influences:

You become the top 5 people who you hang out with the most, the fisrt thing you must think about is who you’re spending time with.

Even though change comes from changing your own minds; changing your external influences serves you tremendously.

If any of your influences is negative it will represent a negative influence whether you want it or not. You must cut out any source of negative thoughts in your life, start by those that surround you.

What if someone close is extremely negative?

Well that was the case for me, I love my mom and I of course wouldn’t stop spending any time with her, but in the long run you learn to make that negativity bounce right off you. In the case of one of my best friends who was also extremely negative; I had to stop hanging out with him as much.

Negative thoughts can be pretty powerful, especially when you’re used to being negative from the past. Just cut them off if they’re coming from external sources.

2. Similar minds attract each other:

Negative minds attract other negative minds and positive minds attract other positive minds. Why? Because as humans we’re always trying to fit in, if we find someone like-minded we feel like we fit in with them.

This of course is just a reference to tell you 2 things:

  1. To attract other positive people into your life so that they can become positive influences; you must become positive yourself.
  2. Expect some discomfort when trying to connect with people who don’t think like you’re used to other people thinking. As you learn how to be positive, It becomes easier because you're slowly becoming someone who has a similar mentality to theirs.

Then again there’s no such thing as someone who is 100% positive all the time, especially people who have never worked on becoming more positive. Everyone has their down days, be tolerant about it and just aim to make yourself as positive as you can.

3. Everyone wants be around Positive People:

Let’s stop thinking for a bit about whether someone is a positive influence in your life or not, let’s just focus on what everyone wants and that’s to be around someone who’s positive and fun.

Just like negativity is contagious; once you start being a more positive person you will start transmitting this positivity to others and people will love you for it. Just being able to give someone else a good mood is a good enough reason to lift up your own mood.

Positivity is also an attractive quality when it comes to women and dating, women love positive guys.

4. Work on yourself - Identify the negative thought patterns and stop them:

Revising your thoughts is hard in the beginning, but you can easily catch yourself thinking negatively. At first you might not be able to stop the negative thoughts from popping up in your mind. However, you can stop dwelling on them.

Start by making this a habit, when a negative thought pops up, recognize it and just stop yourself from dwelling on it.

Immediately stop self-depreciating thoughts like "I'm not enough", "I can't do it", "This is not going to work". Also watch out for more general negative outlook thoughts like “I hate this country”, “I can’t do anything in this town”, etc.

Replace them with positive thoughts, switch "I'm not good enough" with "if I try, I will become more experienced and get better" or simply “I’m awesome and whatever happens I will just laugh it off”.

5. The 30 Day Challenge:

A great way to change your mentality and learn how to be positive is by doing a 30 day positivity challenge, a 30 day positivity challenge consist of:

Take a period of thirty days, in this period you must be aware of what your thoughts.

Whenever you find yourself thinking negatively, make an effort to immediately replace it with a positive thought.

If you dwell on a negative thought for too long then you must restart the 30 days.

This way the effort you’re doing to change your negative mentality has a reward and punishment sense to it.

6. Make a Positive Mindset Plan:

Find out how to make a list of what your new menatilty will be. Here

Learning how to be positive is about taking action on your thoughts and changing them, a proactive attitude is what will get you far and your commitment to the cause. Stick to positivity and see things from the side where the grass is always greener. Go out and get Social!

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