How to be More Outgoing -
5 Tricks That Will Help You Become More Outgoing

Learning how to be more outgoing is though, we’ve all been there, an invitation for a social event comes to us and instead of going we decide to stay home because... it just doesn't feel right.

Most often, the real reason is that we are unsure how to act in those situations. It’s natural to feel a bit uncomfortable when you're hanging out with people you don't yet know. However, if you want to make that breakthrough and connect with others, you have to be willing to become more outgoing. Here are some tips to help you with this.

1. Accept invitations

When someone asks you to a gathering, pay attention to your thought process. It's all part of learning how to be more outgoing. Go against your natural instinct and say "yes". Before going, it’s important that you prepare yourself, as this can help you have a better time and feel more comfortable. To accomplish this, here are some suggestions:

  • You should learn the art of small talk. If you know someone who is popular with others, study how they interact and communicate. You can also find a trusted friend or relative to practice small talk with you. The more you are able to practice the more confidence you’ll gain.
  • Along with conversation skills, it’s good to practice non-verbal communication behaviors as part of learning to be more outgoing. A simple way to practice this is to walk down the hall of your school, dorm or office and when someone approaches you smile, make eye contact and say hi.
  • Lastly, you shouldn’t expect quick results. This is going to be a process and there could be some awkward moments along the way. The goal here isn’t to become discouraged if an outing doesn’t go well. Instead, give yourself credit for going, reassess what went wrong and come back ready to try again. If you want to get more in-depth advice on this, you should read this guide on how to be more outgoing.

2. Understand others are just as nervous

One of the big misconceptions we have is that we are alone in our shyness when in fact there are many others that feel just as anxious in social situations as we do. This simple truth is important to embrace because it can give you the confidence needed to approach others. The truth is that many have the courage to attend events they may feel uncomfortable at, but they struggle to make that next step.

They want to connect to others, but they need someone to take that first step. When you take the initiative to talk to others, you can show them that you have interest in them and this may help them feel more comfortable with you.

3. How to be more outgoing - Express your personality

Your personality is what is going to attract the right people to you. While it is hard to come out of your shell in uncomfortable situations, here are some small steps you can take to make it easier for you to do:

  • The first tip is to smile when introducing yourself to someone else. By doing this, you show the other person that you are friendly and this can help them feel at ease with you.
  • Next, you shouldn't be afraid to project your energy during conversation. If you are telling an exciting story, be expressive and use emotion to tell it.
  • It’s also important that you match the energy and emotion of the other person appropriately. For example, if someone you meet is sullen because of a recent event, you should be empathetic. Similarly, if they smile warmly at you do the same back to them.

4. Express interest in others

One of the best ways to give others the perception you are outgoing is when you show an interest in them. The easiest way you can do is to simply ask questions about them. When doing so, you should practice active listening techniques such as making eye contact, remaining still and asking them relevant follow-up questions.

5. Be positive

Positive people attract others because they make them feel good about themselves. When you think about it, it’s much more comfortable to hang out with someone who is complimentary than someone who is overtly critical. With this in mind, here are a few tips you can use to show others positive behavior:

  • If someone achieved an accomplishment, don’t be afraid to acknowledge it. A simple congratulations can go a long way in making that person feel good.
  • When meeting someone new, smile warmly at them and tell them it's good to meet them. This can give your recipient a confidence boost as well as show them you are a nice person.
  • Before making a critical judgement of something, be mindful of the people listening. For instance, just because you think The Flying Sharks with Chainsaws movie was ridiculous, others may love it. If you are critical of something others like, some may take it as a personal insult. Therefore, your best option is to stay away from judging others and instead focus on the positive things. This mindset will attract more people.

Becoming a more outgoing person isn't something that happens over night. But as long as you continuously take small steps towards how you want to behave, you will get great results by time.

- Guest Aricle on how to be more outgoing by Our Friends at Social Pro Now

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