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Welcome to the social success mastery helpful dating articles index, in this section articles are organized for a better application in real life situations, also very helpful when building an action plan for improving your skills with women.

Learn what the whole world of social success is based around of, value, social skills, pure confidece, first you MUST read the Basics:

Step 1 - Week 1 - Information and Mentality

First thing first, the main reasons why guys get frustrated in this area are:

  • Getting “friendzoned” constantly.
  • Too shy to even stand a chance.

I think I was in both of those sections during my high school years. It’s terrible, it’s usually your fault, and you are doing something wrong. There’s nothing wrong with who you are, the problem lies in your approach.

Every guy, can get any girl, this is a true fact, limitations are only in your mind. However, some guys know what it takes to make it true. This is why I've gathered these helpful dating articles.

First thing you’ve gotta learn is:

Once you’ve learned the basics of what makes a woman attracted to a man then you can look back on your behaviors and why being a nice guy doesn’t work.

Step 2 - Week 2 - Information and Getting in Subject

Now that you know the right attitudes and mentalities that attract women you can directly apply it, either if it’s casual dating or you want a serious relationship, this article will help you:

One of the most attractive characteristics of a man is being a leader. Once you know how to directly apply the first two mentalities, and then use them in real life situations with “how to get a girlfriend” you can learn how to apply leadership to your interactions with women.

Step 3 - Week 3 - Taking action

Now you’re ready to take this knowledge to the field.

Start meeting women either through “cold approaches”

Quick guide on Cold Approaching

Or through joining new social skills activities

Once you get enough experience you can begin taking it further and begin the dating.

Give it a good 3 weeks of practise before moving foward, learnign social competence is the most important think at this stage.

It can take years to perfect and even after you've move on to the next stages you should never stop meeting new people and practising.

Step 4 - Week 6 - Relationship Building

By the time you get to this step you might/probably still have problems with the previous steps, this is completely normal. Work on both at the same time.

Moving things a little forward from the approaches and meeting new people you can begin asking girls out.

Learn what the correct approach for a First Date is.

Here’s some helpful articles on what to do and how to keep it fun:

Take it to the next step and some extra helpful dating articles:

Hope you enjoy reading these helpful dating articles, remember that the more social experiences you gather the easier it all becomes, so, Go out and get social!

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