3 Reasons why you should Never wait to Kiss a Girl + Some Solid First Kiss Advice

The best first kiss advice you can get is: do not waste a chance to make it happen, no matter what; of course it will all depend on the girl you’re with, the situation you’re in, and the ‘buying temperature’ there is. So, I’ll show you the main reasons why you should take control and make it happen or deal with the consequences.

Kissing is a universal human expression of attraction and love, it happens throughout the world in almost every culture, and yours is no exception. Girls want to be kissed just as much as you want to kiss them, it feels good, it is exiting, it is interesting; what’s there not to like?

1. Girls want to be kissed – So, stop thinking they don’t, and act accordingly:

This is a fact; but social rules, norms and pressures have them, and ESPECIALLY US thinking otherwise.

Yes, social conditioning has somewhat and to some extent got us all to think that girls will only consider kissing a guy appropriate after 3 dates or something.

If little Cindy makes out with a guy at the club then she´ll be labeled as slutty; especially if she just met Jimmy. However, Cindy does not stop being human, someone who enjoys the fun and excitement of kissing.

She will probably be judged negatively if she does it or somewhat acts like she wants to. But… She definitely wants to!

On the other hand, little Jimmy sees a random girl, grabs her, and kisses her passionately. He goes back to his friends and gets high fives from everyone, he’s a hero.

That is how social conditioning works and it is ridiculous, and even though it does not stop being ridiculous; we live in societies that go by those rules.

In a nutshell: Don’t doubt for one minute that she wants to be kissed.

2. If things are not moving forward, they are usually moving backwards:

Use this as a rule of thumb for everything in life, and it is especial first kiss advice. I learned this the hard way; specifically I can remember this one time when I had just met this girl through some friends. She was really hot, and at that time I thought she was way out of my league and that I just didn’t have a chance with her.

First time I met her we talked a bit here and there, it was all good. But I thought it had just been ‘ok’, to my surprise she kept texting me and flirting afterwards.

So I tried to move things forward and one week later I invited her to hangout with me and my friends, this time she was SUPER into me, it was all there: the intense eye contact, the touching, the laughs, the flirting; she was just telling me with every bit of her body language ‘KISS ME’, but I just didn’t do it.

Everything changed afterwards, her interest in me died three days later. I know, sad story.

In a nutshell: Always move forward in your intentions with any girl you’re interested in, if you don’t do it you are letting the pieces fall where they may and this just means they’re staying right there in ‘disinterest zone’. Not taking the chance to kiss her is not moving things forward.

3. Setting the Frame:

What are you? Boyfriend and girlfriend? Brother and sister? Friends?

Kissing definitely will set the frame for her; you make a clear statement that this all is heading in a romantic direction. If you want to avoid the friendzone, then this is the correct way to do it. No amount of flirting, touching, eye contact or conversations will EVER set the frame as well as kissing her does.

In a nutshell: Kissing lets it clear that you are a man, that she is a woman, that things are going to happen and that this is not  some friendzone business.

First kiss advice – Kissing her for the first time:

So you just met a girl and you’re wondering where, when, and how this first kiss will take place, you already know why you should kiss her as soon as possible, but really, how and when does this happen?

Yes, I already told you that it should happen as soon as possible, but this does not mean that you should rush into it?

‘As soon as possible’ ACTUALLY means that you shouldn’t miss opportunities to do it, and you should also be actively trying to create such opportunities.

Kissing is not a big deal:

Despite social conventions, kissing is a bigger deal for guys than it is for girls. This happens mostly because we fear rejection, and since we are the ones going for the kiss and we don’t want to be rejected, we make a grandiose event out of it with colossal consequences.

Well, sorry to break it to you, it’s not.

Make it light and fun:

Your best first kiss advice is right here, you will get the kiss MOST times if you take it cool and show her that it’s all cool. You don’t show that ‘it’s all cool’ by saying it, but rather by the mood, attitude, and frame you set to it.

If it’s all fun and games she’ll feel less pressured and go for it.

Think of it within the frame of joking around saying ‘If you guess my age I’ll kiss you’, in a half-joking half-serious manner; it’s ALL about the frame.

Where to kiss a girl:

Go for isolation. If the main reason she won’t just kiss anyone when she feels like it is because she’ll feel judged, then take this variable out of the equation. Preferably be alone with her, but the most important part of it is that if there’s friends or acquaintances around (say you’re at a house party, club, reading club); you kiss her where they can’t see her and she knows people won’t judge her.

When to kiss a girl:

There’s tons of variable that show you when she’s ready to be kissed. I could happen after a few minutes of kissing her, or on your first date. You shouldn’t wait for enormous signals to go for the kiss, but generally her eye contact and body language will let you know that she’s receptive.

How to kiss a girl:

Grab her head gently and move in for the kiss, you can follow the first kiss advice as shown in the movie ‘Hitch’ and go in 90% and wait for her to take that last 10% of the kiss, move your hands around too, the rest is pretty easy!

Extra First Kiss Advice:

You know what can cause a better emotional spike in a girl than kissing her?

Almost kissing her but pulling back in a cool manner in the last second, It can be a huge teaser; once you go for that first kiss with a new girl you can try it out and make her go nuts about you!

In the end it all comes down to experience, failed kiss attempts are experience, good kisses are experience. The best first kiss advice is that you go out there and just do it for the experience; experience will make you walk the road of social success confidently, so just go out and get social!

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