Exercising, grooming and dressing for success with women

Exercising, grooming and dressing for success with women is something a lot of guys put a lot of effort into, or some just don’t even take the time to get handled. There are a lot of misconceptions around this topic. It’s funny because a vast majority of guys out there actually think it is looks what will get you the girls. So they’ll work a lot on their looks and later on get frustrated when it doesn’t work.

Sometimes it DOES work, there are a couple reasons this happens.First let’s settle something down; looks won’t get you women - confidence, self-esteem and fun will.

Let’s say you start exercising, grooming and dressing for success, this will actually make you feel really good. When you feel good you feel confident, ultimately is this confidence what keeps the girls interested… at least for the night!

So, the problem comes when you feel dependent on the way you look to allow yourself to feel confident.

This is a huge realization; confidence is something our brain allows us to feel or not. It a lot of times depends on how much we think we’re “worth” in a certain situation. Dressing good adds up to our ego and allows us to feel deserving of the situation, kind of “superior” to other people.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that exercising, grooming and dressing well should never be where all of our confidence comes from.

Having said that, I still highly encourage you to get all these things down, start a workout plan, start paying more attention to your grooming and buy some new clothes – start dressing for success.

Do all these things for YOU, to get control of how you want to look and because you like it, not to impress others.


Working out is pretty basic when it comes to social success; it boosts your confidence because you start feeling better and more healthy.

Make a workout plan, and stick to it, but really stick to it.It wasn’t until recently that I actually got serious about working out; I’d always start on my workout plan but never actually commit to it. So I’d start exercising for about 2 weeks and then just drop it. This led to short periods of “buffing up” and then just losing it.

For the short time this actually started working I’d feel great then I’d just get lazy and stop.

Commitment is extremely important.

There are a lot of great sites on this topic, check some of them out!


Well, there are a few things that will scare a girl away instantly; neediness, serial killers, their period and nasty looking dirty long fingernails.

Come on guys, it’s pretty basic stuff, clipping your nails, trimming your nose hair, some pretty basic hygiene works too.A girl loves a sweaty alpha-male who just finished his sports game and scored a couple goals. But a guy who’s been sweaty for a long time and hasn’t showered is pretty nasty. Try to smell good, shower, keep yourself clean.

I also think that grooming helps your self-worth; it’s like the guy that is obsessed with his car and keeps cleaning it, waxing it and doing constant mechanical checks. Taking care of yourself shows you that you care for yourself; it’s all an unconscious process that helps you feel good.


Dressing for success with women is a matter of feeling good with your particular style without being too far off the norm, neither over-doing it.

There are guys who dress just too trendy; it looks like they’re over-doing it, therefore over-compensating. So it comes across badly to other people. In my case I really dislike it when girls are either just going too much with the masses or when they’re over-dressed for a situation that doesn’t call for it.

Pick up some new clothes that you like and party on!

When it come to exercising, grooming and dressing for success with women the most important part is realizing that you don’t do any of these things to impress people but rather to express who you are, remember “expression, not impression”. Get this area handled and go out and get social!

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