List your Daily Positive Thoughts -
Plan what you'll Think and Succeed at what you’ll do.

Having daily positive thoughts is so important; maintaining a positive attitude during the day isn’t easy, especially if you’re used to having a negative mindset.

Sometimes you’ll wake up in really positive moods, sometimes not so much; the only way to guarantee that you’ll stay positive is to carefully select what you’ll think and self-indulging in the positive mindset.

So how do you do this?

I used wake up to the song “All Star” by Smash Mouth, as cheesy as that sounds; it used to wake me up in a really positive mood.

That one song hits the nail with what positivity is, indulging in shameless self-promotion and motivation. So I thought why not tell myself the things that keep me motivated?

That’s pretty much the jist of it. Start your day by being as positive as you can to yourself.

Make a List:

This is how the idea of a list of affirmations was born, I read about it on several sites and to be honest, I thought it was kind of ridiculous but still seemed kind of logical.

If you tell yourself something repeatedly you’ll start believing it; people tend to do this with negative thoughts and it ends up working. So why not use it in a positive way?

The thoughts that linger in your mind the longest basically become part of your self-concept, you are merely what you think you are.

The way this works is you tell yourself positive thoughts that will motivate you. They don’t necessarily have to be true, for example, telling yourself “I am confident” could be one. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be confident it is motivating and will help you start thinking that way.

Daily Positive Thoughts will Help you in the Early Stages:

Work on building your own list, it’s especially helpful in those initial stages, when you are trying to make that shift into a more empowering mindset and improve your social skills. You must first use the help of that positive propaganda to start convicing your mind of the idea you’re trying to build for yourself.

How to make Your List:

Make a list of sentences that reflect everything that you’d want to think. Turn them into empowering statements that also reflect your goals and always turn them into current statements.

For example: Say you want to become more confident.

“I want to become more confident” becomes “I am confident”

Even if you don’t feel that way yet, you’re basically using positive propaganda in your own mind.

I’ll share my personal daily positive thoughts list so you can try making your own:

  • I am that guy that talks to everyone and shows that big air of core confidence and a really unique sense of humor in a really witty sort of way.
  • I have that really comfortable air around me and everyone enjoys talking to me.
  • I command respect and leadership.
  • I am really cool.
  • I have a big social circle and a bunch of close friends who I do stuff with.
  • I have attractive girls from all over my social circle and most are interested in me.
  • I seem to always be surrounded by attractive females.
  • I have the funniest stories to tell and I’m a great storyteller.
  • I have the funniest and coolest things happen to me.
  • I have an active lifestyle and I’m in all the cool things to do.

Those thoughts are motivating because they made me picture who I wanted to be, even though I don’t use an “affirmation list” anymore, these were the positive thoughts that really stuck with me.

I just dug up that list from some old files and I’m just noticing that many of those positive thoughts are now realities. It’s amazing how you can get to see your own improvement from reading your old stuff.

Like I said before, it is extremely helpful in the early stages. Its positive propaganda for your mind. Make your own personal list of daily positive thoughts and write them down and read them every day. Go out and get social.

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