16 Instant and Long Term Confidence Boosters

Want to instantly boost your confidence? Here are 16 confidence boosters that will help you get that extra confidence right in the moment or on the mid-term.

Boosting your confidence is a long process, as you build more and more self-trust your confidence increases. It really doesn’t happen over-night; but there’s actions that you can take right now that will either:

  • Boost your confidence right in the moment.
  • Help you in the long run to build long-lasting confidence.

1. Exercise:

Exercise is one of the great confidence boosters; because it literally makes you feel confident. When exercising your body releases endorphins that help you feel good, happy and confident. It also helps you look better and therefore feel better about yourself right away.

Make a plan to integrate exercise into your life, are you joining a gym? Going for a run Monday -Thursday?

2. Dress Well:

This one doesn’t make you release endorphins; but it surely helps you with your self-image. When the way you look/are dressed matches the image you want to portray to the world; you will feel freer to act the way you want to act.

Find a style that you like and get yourself new clothes to fit it.

3. Face your Fears:

Making a having a habit out of facing your fears surely is the optimal way to build long lasting confidence. But in the short run; facing a situation that you would usually be scared of gives you an instant confidence boost.

Whether you get the desired result or not; then focus on “I did it” makes you trust yourself more.

4. Confidence Boosters - Learn a New Skill:

Your self-concept is ‘who you think you are’ ; learning a new skill helps you improve your self-concept as you know all the work you put into learning this new skill and this makes you feel good an confident. Just knowing that you are learning new things and that you have all sorts of new skills makes you think highly of yourself.

Try it out, remember when you said you wanted to learn to play the guitar? Start now.

5. Build a Social Circle:

One of the best confidence boosters is your social circle; nothing like hanging out with the guys and having a good time. Positive friendships will take you a long way, get new positive friends and build your social circle with this kind of people.

You become the top 5 people you hang out with the most, add a couple positive and confident friendships in there that serve you as role models.

6. Live a Rich Life:

Having nothing to do is the easiest way to fall into despair, neediness and depression. The opposite happens when you add a bunch of things that you like to your daily routine. Having a life that excites YOU makes you more excited about your own life. Well that’s kind of obvious isn’t it?

It also makes you a more interesting and appealing person to others.

7. Stop Procrastinating:

Knowing that you’ve achieved something makes you feel better about yourself. Not achieving anything all day causes the opposite effect. Stop procrastinating and start achieving, work on all your personal goals all day long. It’ll make you a man of purpose and naturally confident.

8. Make eye contact and have a good posture:

Eye contact and posture are a consequence of feeling confident. On the tricky side; forcing good eye contact and good body language onto yourself will make you feel more confident. Your brain goes like this ‘If I have good posture and body language I must be confident therefore I can feel confident’ it happens unconsciously but it surely helps. It’s a flip of cause and effect.

9. Talk to Strangers:

Going against this socially conditioned norm pays off. When you become someone that talks to everyone you’ll feel more self-acceptance, you become more social and confident. Offer others – everyone – a good time.

10. Meditate:

Meditation is a great way to get ‘out of your head’ and start to ‘live the moment’ I tried Vipassana meditation for a while and it worked pretty well. A great way to train your brain muscles to stop over-analyzing.

11. Get Organized:

A great way to beat depression is to organize your life, it make you feel better to have a well-organized life and room/house. When everything is in place the chaos of having to clean up or organize goes away; it allows your mind to feel freer.

12. Assume that People like you:

The best way to start a social interaction is to assume others like you; it’s also one of those great confidence boosters. When you talk to someone like they like you and like you know them; you’ll find some initial resistance but immediately after they’ll start being open and social to you. People generally feel obligated to act like others want them to, if you act like they like you; they’ll like you.

13. Get a Good Diet:

A good diet helps your mind, you become what you eat. There’s a book called the ultra-mind solution that goes deeper into this topic. Basically, feeding your body with good nutrients and healthy food will greatly affect the way your brain works and make you feel better. It literally makes you feel better.

14. Find a Hobby:

Again, having an exciting life makes you a more appealing person to others. It also makes you passionate about something and more confident about your own life as you’re filling it with things that you like.

15. Do a good Deed:

This is one of those instant confidence boosters. After doing something good for someone else and expecting nothing in return you actually get a lot in return. You get a great feeling about being able to offer others small things that make them happier.

16. Do Volunteer Work:

Making a habit out of doing good deeds is called charity; volunteer work is a great way to meet like-minded people and get social. It sure was the way I got social after years of alienation. It also puts you in a situation where you’re offering help to others for nothing in return and helps you feel better about yourself.

Those are 15 great confidence boosters that you can try/apply to your life, but remember that to make anything consistent you’ve got to consistently make it a part of your life. Go out and get social.

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