4 Characteristics of a Good Leader - Become the Leader Among your Friends.

With Socializing and Women; knowing the characteristics of a good leader is crucial. Gaining leadership and using it for your social advantage is a great asset to have and something that will bring you lots of success.

Becoming the leader among your friends will expand into all other areas in your life and will allow you to be in the middle of the good plans and the fun. Hmm… sounds like Social Value. It is!

I thank God I’ve had the chance to learn all those skills “in-field” and now I have the chance to share this knowledge with you, so here comes:

1. Decisions:

Learning how to embody the characteristics of a good leader starts with a little muscle called ‘decision-making’. The more you exercise this muscle; the better it becomes at making quick decisions when the time comes.

This means you’ve got to start making decisions in your day to day life, even the silly ones, no matter if this decision is right or wrong, start making decisions; this is how you exercise your decision-making muscle.

The quicker you are to make decisions, and the surer you seem of yourself when making them, the more people will start following you.

People are oftentimes acting in some sort of ‘auto-pilot’ mode; it’s amazing how easily you can get to become the leader if an interaction just by being decisive and being sure of your decisions.

People also want to save themselves the stress that comes with making decisions so they’ll just follow the decisions of someone else and feel comfortable around them.

So, how do you apply this to your day to day life?

  • Start making decisions.
  • Don’t care if they’re right or wrong. (obviously you’re always trying to make them right)
  • Try to make this your default state. (You’re a decision making person)
  • Don’t be too rigid about it. (Sometimes it’s ok to relax and let others decide)


Friend: Hey Timmy do you want Coke of Dr. Pepper with your pizza?

Thinking to yourself: Well… umm I don’t know, do I feel like drinking Coke today? Would I rather have water?

Your answer: I don’t know… I think I want Coke… No wait! Dr. Pepper… Actually I don’t care.


This is where you exercise your ‘decision-making’ muscle and just pick one right away.

Friend: Hey Timmy do you want Coke of Dr. Pepper with your pizza?

You: Coke.

Even if you don’t want coke you’re just picking one option right away and it becomes a habit. Of course this was a pretty dumb and trivial example... and your name isn't Timmy, but you get the idea, apply it to your day to day life.

Eliminate indecisiveness from your life, know what you want and expressive. As a rule of thumb; never say ‘I don’t know’ regarding a personal choice decision anymore.

2. Respect others:

No one likes negative leaders, having the characteristics of a good leader has nothing to do with actually being a good person about it. You can pretty much be a ‘negative’ leader (like Adolf Hitler or Hugo Chavez) but STILL be a ‘leader’ and have a very strong leadership.

There are countless examples of negative leaders and a lot of people resent them. I know a guy who manages to be the kind of guy who a lot of people want to be around of, and he is actually a pretty good leader, but also someone who a lot of people hate.

Regardless of what you do, some people will like you and others will hate you. But when you use your leadership to bring others down then it just becomes plain negative.

Use leadership and status to include others and bring everyone into the fun, be the bringer of good emotions for everyone.

3. Be in Control of your Emotions – Characteristics of a good leader:

It’s ok to get stressed, angry, happy and react naturally to any situation you find yourself in, that’s just you being genuine to your emotions.

However, you should somewhat try to not react strongly to external stuff, the minute someone sees you lose your cool is the minute they’ll lose a little bit of respect for you.

So, don’t be a little girl and keep your act together.

The one who reacts the most is usually the person losing the argument, a leader stays centered because a leader becomes that rock-solid guy that everyone can rely on to calm themselves down.

When things don’t go the way you’ve planned them to just practice being unreactive to those frustration emotions you might feel. It reinforces you as someone who others want to be around of.

4. Planning:

Planning is one of those main characteristics of a good leader. As much as you’ve worked on your decision making muscles, sometimes decisions need a well-thought plan for them to work. If you have the chance to plan a future event (like your plans for Friday night) then do so.

Planning allows you to relax because the decisions have already been made, you can just follow what you had already decided and relax into it. If you are the guy who made the plans for the night you’ve basically positioned yourself as the leader of those plans and people will take it as such.

Leadership will transfer to all areas in your life, if you train this skill with your friends then you’ll know how to be the leader of a relationship or at work. Ultimately leadership and embodying all the characteristics of a good leader, become one extra piece in the puzzle towards social success.

Become the leader of your friends, be the guy who everyone wants to be around of, make the plans, and be the fun! It all starts by first being the leader of your decisions and slowly transitions into people wanting to follow you and your plans. Go out and get social!

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