4 Causes of Social Anxiety - An Analysis on what got you here so you can get out

The exact causes of social anxiety haven't been exactly pointed out, different people in different areas blame it on different things. And you can find lots of clinical analysis that talk about brain chemicals, brain waves, etc.

But, that’s not what I’m going to talk about here though. I will present you with my ideas and what got ME through this problem, so that YOU can relate. Anyway, Let’s get to it!

1. Your Genetics:

Are you predisposed to developing social anxiety? We all know the world is dominated by a special race of people called the ‘extroverts’, those are the guys we see on TV, they’re out partying and seeking stimulation, drinking and partying, being outspoken and enjoying the social scene.

Then there’s the introverts, not to be confused with the shy guys, as shyness is acquired; while introversion refers to a natural tendency of people who might be overwhelmed by all that over-stimulation that extroverts love. The kind people who from a young age prefer reading books and relaxing in quiet environments.

Genetics do play an important role in what our preferences and tendencies are, however, the tendency to be shy, introverted or even being more sensitive to anxiety does not automatically make someone socially anxious.

You do not control your genetics.

2. Your Environment:

Where, and with whom you grow up plays a big role in who you become in life. There’s lots of stories of people being abused, suffering from some sort trauma or going through bullying at school, these are all common trend among what some people claim to be their causes of social anxiety.

In my case it was neither, I was just a highly overprotected kid who never got taught to trust himself and to go talk to other kids.

Any environmental causes can result in a lack of the development of a social skill, lack of self-esteem or some sort of trauma that just screws with you confidence.

However, you do not control your environment as you grow up.

3. A Chemical Imbalance:

It’s also thought that one of the causes of social anxiety is a chemical imbalance in your brain.

Emotions are chemicals your brain produces, for example, the feeling of happiness is a chemical reaction happening in your brain, dopamine and other hormones come into play and physically make you feel happy.

Same thing happens with anxiety, chemical imbalances might cause those anxiety emotions to be happening more often than they should.

You do not directly control your emotions or brain chemistry.

4. One of the current causes of Social Anxiety - Your Perception:

Whether it is genetics, your environment or way you were raised, or a chemical imbalance; the fact is that the consequences and causes of social anxiety are there and they’re messing with your normal life.

Troubles from the past that might haunt your present, natural tendencies or certain circumstances, none of which you can control.

Therapy is always a good option, even though I never tried it I would never discourage anyone from trying it.

In the end, whatever the causes of social anxiety are, whatever got you to the point where you just want to get over it and take full control of your life, have friends, get a girlfriend, etc.

The only thing you can truly control is yourself, and your perception. Let’s take action.

Overcoming Social Anxiety

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