My personally recommended Books on Social Skills

When it comes to the self-improvement area, books on social skills, confidence, relationships and dating; hold a lot to wisdom.

Although when it comes to this area there’s a lot of controversy around it, some people like to call self help a scam; I’ve even read people call it “the biggest fraud in human history”.

Truth is, no one can be changed by someone else, only you can change yourself. The big paradox around this topic is that some books tell you should just accept yourself and love yourself fully (which is the core of how to build confidence) and other books tell you to go change yourself, expand your comfort zone and always look for growth.

It’s my honest opinion, that no authors on this topic hold the absolute truth, actually, no one does.

"Follow those who are seeking the truth, but run away from those who claim to have found it"

However, there’s a LOT of wisdom in a lot of these books, writers have found their very own way to improve or just to find the answer to one question, and it’s your place to find yours, but use their experience in your advantage.

I guess my advice on this topic is that you should never blindly believe in one particular author but rather leave room for a wide variety of opinions that sometimes might even contradict each other, but at the same time be correct.

It’s quite a paradox.

Anyways, there’s lots of books on the topic of social skills out there, some better than others, just take the fact that you are making your own path and you can get all this information, apply what works and discard the rest, just pile it up.

Read a lot and find your own way through the wisdom all the authors have to offer, be careful, don’t pretend to fix any situation just by reading. You’ve got to also take action.

But having wisdom and valuable resources to back up your advances is key to being successful; this is where books on social skills, socializing, shyness, confidence, self esteem, etc come in. Just remember just reading and no action gets you nowhere, just action and no reading will just make things way easier, information is a tool, action is the actual work. Go out and get social!

Here are some very personal recommendations, great books and great reads. They’re not all about social skills, some are more success-oriented Lots of value offered:

Books for Social Skills (Women and Pickup Books):

Books for Social Skills (Body Language Books):

Books on Social Skills (Attracting people in general):

Books for Social Skills (Transforming):

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