Attributes of a Leader – Deal with the Pressures of being a Leader

To be a leader you’ve got to know what the attributes of a leader are, leaders are decisive, calm and sure of themselves. To keep up with those attributes of being a leader is a whole lot of work and it can mess with your mind.

The attributes of a leader are those of someone who people want to be around of, people want to follow and who people can just relax when being around of because he will lead them through the correct path.

Being a leader in any social situation add to you ‘gravity factor’, people will want to gravitate towards you when hanging out, in parties, friendships, at work and women will love it.
Like many other “high status” roles; being a leader is both physically and mentally exhausting.

So, yes; being a leader, a high status guy, a public speaker, a source of good emotions is hard work, exhausting and it can easily mess with your mind and leave you feeling bad with yourself for a while afterwards.

Leaders Deal with the Pressures of Bad Decisions:

Even though I encourage you to make decisions as fast as possible, if one big decision is wrong then you’re going to have to deal with the pressure of it.

If you’re out with your friends and people are being indecisive about where to go and grab a bite; you may lead the way and influence the decision of the whole group. This could:

  1. Result in a good food choice that people love, reinforce your leadership and let people know they can trust your decisions.
  2. Result in a bad restaurant decision that no one likes and complains.

A good leader doesn’t let his bad decisions haunt him, this is where it’s really important to live by the motto of “fall down and get up right away”. If you’re leading a group of people then just accept that you’ve messed up and move on with it, don’t constantly apologize for your bad decisions.

There’s no need for apologize, just take their side if you think the food is bad, or jokingly defend your position if you actually like the food. Rinse and apply as a social rule.

Leaders are Decisive:

I again encourage you to exercise your ‘decision-making muscles’ and deal with the pressures of eventual bad decisions. These are both important attributes of a leader. And will lead your way to becoming the guy who all your friends want to follow.

For important decisions you’ve got to give it a little more thought; but usually decisions in the social scheme come in the way of what food you’re ordering, where you’re going tonight, what’s going on Friday or which road to take to get to the park.

Get used to making decisions all the time.

Leaders are Hated and Loved:

People will sometimes hate leaders for no reason at all, maybe they want to be the leader or they hate the attention everyone gives to someone who has that positive dominance.
Be ready to deal with these kinds of pressures coming at you from different sides for no apparent reason at all.

Other times you will be loved by everyone; and the problem with this is that it gets to your head and messes you up. All because getting attention makes you want more attention. And as I said in become the leader of your friends; leadership does not seek for reactions in others.

Being the kind of social leader that leads his friends and brings the fun everywhere he goes expands to all areas of your life. Who you are most times you’ll tend to be at all times. If you’re the fun social leader with your friends you will be this guy at work and in your relationship.

Oftentimes; social groups don’t just have one single leader. Relax and let others take part in the leadership roles. Remember that to become a leader you must only be concerned about leading yourself first.

There’s no space for being reaction-seeking there.

Let’s revise the most important attributes of a leader:

  • Decisive
  • Sure of himself and his decisions.
  • Doesn’t impose his dominance/leadership to others; others follow by choice.
  • Doesn’t lose his cool to external pressures.

Try to become more of a natural leader and the rest will take care of itself. Remember that you’ve got to Go out and get social.

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