About Me

Hello! My name is Gary. I am an Engineer. I live a normal life, parties, friends, work. I enjoy doing charity work and I work in a charity organization for free.

Nowadays I mostly focus my life around friends and family which I consider to be the most important thing.

But it wasn't always like this, due to a series of experiences I went through in my teenage years I started suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder. I don’t regret having gone through all those experiences though, those things made me really interested in psychology, self-help and learning more about human interactions in general so I could improve socially.

This led me towards a path of observation and learning, gathering up various resources. I became really interested in the science behind human interactions and learned a whole lot about them. I’ve read and studied from hundreds of self help resources.

It all came down to me applying a bunch of different strategies and social tactics in my day to day life, refining them and keeping the stuff that really worked.

My life improved drastically once I understood how things really worked and that socializing is not as linear as it seems. I had a real transformation from a socially anxious guy into a pretty cool, social guy.

I learned that there's a lot behind human interactions and it's a topic that there's very little information on. Anyone can transform their life knowing these "life hacks".

After learning everything I could about socializing and successfully transforming my life and helping some friends transform theirs, I came across Solo Build It! It offered me a way to transform my knowledge into a working website.

And this is where the idea for www.socialsuccessmastery.com was born. Compiling what I learned and presenting it to guys (and girls) who want to improve socially.

Everyone has their own style and attitude, some of the articles shown here work well with my personality; they might not work perfectly for everyone but the principles of human interactions are universal.

And that’s what I’ve tried to do with this is to take the big chunk that’s universal about socializing and tell you about it! In the end it's all about you becoming the best you!

Under the motto: Go out and get social!


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